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 Beginner's Guide for Leveling and Hunting

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide for Leveling and Hunting   Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:23 pm

Beginner's Guide for Leveling and Hunting

In Flashback Ragnarok Online, We have job changer NPC so you'll never need to quest to change your job ( like those on pRO) . We also have a baby changer so if you want those cute, lil chibi version of your character you can make it without finding a wife in the game. After making your novice char, You can request/ask for a FM/ Field manual to assist in you in your leveling, just use @request and ask for a FM NICELY, if there's GM online.

Here is the simple guide for easier leveling based from my experiences but its still your choice if you want to follow these simple but helpful tips/guide from me. But first you can have a your freebies, just talk to the NPC located in the center of Prontera, and voila you'll obtain a Gold set. /no1

If your Level 1 :

Warp to pay_fild04 (Poring Island) you can kill Porings there.. .or warp to anthell01 and kill some Ant's egg there, but be careful it can evolve into an ant, and also those annoying familiar that could kill you in just one hit. xD. warp to gef_fild04 and kill those pupa's for additional xp

~if you're lvl 10 go back to Prontera or you can type @go 0 ,so you can immediately go to the NPC job changer .You can go back again from time to time if you already want to change your job, always remember to use @skillall and edit your stat better choose STR and DEX or VIT first and temporarily use melee attack and if you already reached 150 up you can edit your stat in whatever stat you like depending on your job type.

Level 10 - 50 :

Go to Prt_maze01, there you can kill wide variety of mobs, From lunatics to argiopes, but be ready with your @warp xD in case but remember to gather any heal items along the way..

Level 50 - 100 :

When you reach level 50-100,you can kill Munaks, Bongun, Sohee's on pay_dun02 and 03, and try also the glast heim's map e.g. gl_prison, gl_knt, gl_churchyard. .also try to kill minorous at moc_pryd05 and anubis at in_sphinx4 .

Level100 - 200 :

Try leveling in abbey01- 02 and kill those zombies and banshees, but try to bring lot of pots though , abyss01 for those with AOE skills, ice dun01 - 02 there you can also find lots of mobs, also ra_san for AOE skills, and lastly kh_dun01 - 02.

Level 200- 255 :

thor_v03 and abbey03 is the best place for 200+ base level characters.

In Core Ragnarok Online, We prepared lots of choices for you to hunt for money or for your own precious equips and another is for the points for a more nicer gears. Lemme give you a simple orientation or a tour or whatever you call it.. LOL xD .

For Zeny/ Money :

New chars have 1m zeny so you can start buying simple equips at MOA (our very own mall xD). We have Gold Room NPC, or you can hunt and make an equip then sell or trade it for your equip of choice. You can also hunt some card and use @autotrade and sell it at the side of the main town. Remember you can't post sell/buy/trade on our FB group however, post it on our forum instead. You can also join events conducted by our very own dedicated event GMs and win instant money. . We have also coins in our server :

• Platinum coin - 300m
• Mithril coin - 100m
• Gold coin - 50m
• Silver - 25m
• Bronze - 10m

These are my tips/ guides for easier leveling in our server. For more infos or violent reactions regarding our server. LOL xD Please post it on our forum. Thank you and enjoy playing Flashback Ragnarok Online.
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Beginner's Guide for Leveling and Hunting
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