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 Homunculus Guide

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PostSubject: Homunculus Guide   Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:26 pm

Homunculus Guide

Homunculus are creatures made exclusively for Alchemist class. Homunculus are great, handy pet it can boost or aid you during battles. You can level up your homunculus with your help but dont forget to feed it. You can get the platinum skill for summoning homunculus in NPC located at prontera. You need an embryo for summoning your homunculus, usually homunculus respawn's randomly, so if you are opting for a certain homunculus, you need a lot of embryo in order to get what you desire.

Creating an Embryo :
You could purchase the ingredients for the embryo inside the alchemist guild (alde_alche 35, 179). Be sure you have the Pharmacy skill so you could brew the embryo. The success rate also depends on the alchemists dex and luck.

The Ingredients :
•Dew of Yggdrasil
•Seed of Life Glass Tube
•Medicine Bowl
•Potion Creation Guide

Types of Homunculus :
There are 4 types of homunculus, each have unique skills, but the fact that all things including Homunculus have its flaws and disadvantages, so choose your homunculus wisely.

Skills: Caprice, Instruction Change, Chaotic BlessingsEvolution
Skill: Bio ExplosionHomunculus
Type: Magical- Offensive, Formless, Neutral
The vanilmirth focuses more on Int stat, therefore all of its attack skill is magical. This Vanilmirth is a good aid during pvp and can kill a player with a single firebolt. The downside however is because it is using magic, it consumes a lot of sp. So Vanilmirth alchemist owners must pitch blue potion to it every once in a while.

Skills:Moonlight, Fleeting Move, Accelerated FlightEvolution
Skill: SBR44Homunculus
Type: Physical- Offensive, Dodge/High ASPD, Brute, Neutral
The filir has the attribute of the agi stat – high attack speed and high dodge rate. Filir can even help the Biochemist during War of Emperium by breaking the emperium. The disadvantage of the Filir homunculus is its low hp.

Skills: Healing Hands, Urgent Escape, Brain SurgeryEvolution
Skill: Mental ChargeHomunculus
Type: Restoration- Supportive, Demi-Human, Neutral
Most of the biochemist opt for the Lif because aside from its nice looking sprite, its supportive skills works wonders. The mostly used skill is the Urgent Escape that works like the Speed Potion, only free and longer.

Skills: Castling, Amistr Bulwark, Adamantium SkinEvolution
Skill: BloodlustHomunculus
Type: Physical- Defensive, Tank, Brute, Neutral
The Amistr has a huge hp that can serve as tanks for leveling biochemist. But this homunculus is pretty much not useful in war of emperium because his skill Castling is deactivated.

Foods of Homunculus:
•Vanilmirt – Scell
•Filir – Garlet
•Lif – Pet Food
•Amistr – Zargon

Homunculus Commands :
•Alt + Single Right Click: Target monster
•Alt + Double Right Click: Attack monster
•Alt + T: Standby, idle/passive mode, cancels all commands and returns to master
•Alt + Right Click Ground: Move to location (15 tile range)
•Alt + R:Information window

Homunculus Evolution :
Homunculus can be evolved to the next level but it should reach the Loyal Intimacy Level. Using the Stone of Sage, double click it in your inventory. When your Homunculus evolved, it will obtain bonus status points, increased HP and SP, and a new sprite.

Homunculus Intimacy :
The player or the Homunculus itself died it will not affect the intimacy level. but, using ultimate skills will lower the Intimacy level of your Homu's. In addition, not feeding it (hunger < 11) or overfeeding homunculus (hunger > 75) lowers intimacy as well.Making your Homunculus to be loyal needs lot of time and efforts. You have to reach an intimacy of 900+ and the homunculus intimacy starts at 20 upon initial casting. Here's the trick, feed it when hunger reaches 11-25. Idea
-3 = Hate with a Passion
4-10 = Hate
11-100 = Awkward
101-250 = Shy
251-750 = Neutral
751-910 = Cordial
911-1000 = Loyal

Homunculus Death :
When your homunculus died, you dont need to make again a new one, just use your Call Homunculus or Homunculus Resurrection to bring it back to life.
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Homunculus Guide
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